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Petals Link, first expert on Petals ESB

Petals Link (formerly a trademark of EBM WebSourcing) was created to support Petals ESB and lead it to an industrial grade product. Today, Petals Link is part of Linagora, a French leader company in open-source. It employs most of the core developer team and provides services to many big accounts and administrations.

Petals Link’s services cover various requirements, from training and consulting to architecture audit and support. More generally, Petals Link provides professional services around Petals ESB and SOA projects.


Get help at any stage of your project, be it specifications, configurations, delivery of proofs of concept, daily assistance… Get expertise on your project.

Training Sessions

Petals Link helps you grasp the concepts and good practices of SOA, and develop your project with Petals ESB, through a series of thematic training sessions. From the basics to the most advanced operations, you can become a SOA and Petals expert in a matter of days. Browse training programs.


We are proud to have a helpful and passionate community, that can help you during experimentations and development phase. Still, projects released in production environments generally need fast and efficient responses to any problem arising. This is why production related projects can subscribe for professional support from Petals Link. Thus, your project can benefit from the expertise of Petals specialists and developers. More information on Petals Link professional support here.